Friday, July 25, 2014

Converting to a 'Standing Desk' Office

I'd read several articles about Standing Desks (including Standing desks sit well with more employees & Five Health Benefits of Standing Desks), and thought it sounded interesting. I've always been a little fidgety & thought standing my accommodate that more. Plus I do get some lower back pain when I sit too long (probably because I slouch), and prolonged sitting can literally be a pain in the ass... So, thought I'd give standing a shot.

People that know me know I'm cheap frugal, so while there are some awesome standing desks out there, I didn't want to spend a lot of money. I thought a better (& cheaper!) way would be to convert my current office furniture to a standing desk environment. For a desk, that just means putting something under it to lift it to the right height. I also figured that'd I want to sit sometimes, so that means converting my chair into a stool - that requires changing the gas lift cylinder (I'm lucky enough to have a work-supplied Herman Miller Aeron, but I was told that the cylinder dimension is a standard, so this should work for most chairs). And for guest chairs, well conversion wouldn't work with what I had, so a trip to Ikea was in order.

I bought the following from Amazon:
I removed the screws from the jack stands, which exposes and indent at the top of the jack. The width of the indent was wide enough that the feet on the bottom of my desk would fit in it - and that's what I did.

Converting the chair was challenging. The chair disassembly instructions told me to hit the chair with a hammer until the old cylinder falls out. I used a rubber mallet. I had to hit the thing dozens of times, but the cylinder did come out eventually. The replacement cylinder fits perfectly.

For guest chairs I got the Ikea Franklin bar stool with backrest, 29" height.

I almost forgot, I also got a mat to stand on from Home Depot, the Apache Mills Basketweave comfort mat. I move it out of the way when I sit.

The office looks like this now:

(hmmmm... I need to vacuum...)